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2023 Summer Conditioning

The summer conditioning program is a great way to be introduced to cross country as well as condition for other sports. The program begins at the end of June and runs through the middle of August. Sessions will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30 pm at Clarkston High School. See the schedule for specific dates.

Practices involve running and other games and activities. Two of the sessions will involve bike rides. Practices are held on the CHS campus as well as nearby locations. Example: Sidewalk to the library and back. Use the small parking lot behind the high school next to the stadium. Look for us to gather in the field across from the parking lot. Come dressed ready to workout and bring a water bottle. Athletes are not required to attend every session. This program is for students entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

For information on how to sign up, see the Community Education webpage or register online through Independence Township Parks and Recreation. Choose the category CCE Youth Exercise and Fitness and look for Cross Country.

Tentative special days

  • Aug 10 - Short Bike Ride
  • Aug 17 - Long Bike Ride
  • Aug 22 - End of Summer Race

Summer reminders and cancellation notice
Sign up for text reminders regarding special practice sessions and possible severe weather cancellations at It is rare that we need to cancel a session but in case we do need to, sign up using the remind link to be notified when we do.

Alternate Location (long bike ride only)
For the long bike ride we will meet at Independence Elementary. Same meeting time of 6:30 but pick up is at 8:00.  

Parent Volunteers needed
For both of the bike rides, we would greatly appreciate your help.

  • Short Bike Ride: One or two parents to ride with us. Bonus, cool treat at the end. Depending on the number of participants and how busy Dairy Dream is, we might not get back until 7:45.
  • Long Bike Ride: Four-ish parent volunteers to ride with us and another to follow us in a van/truck/suv (big enough to carry a bike and passenger in case a bike breaks down).

Please email Coach Rykse if you are able to help ([email protected])

End of Summer Race
The end of summer race is a chance for you to show off all that work you put in all summer. The race is also open to any runner who did not get a chance to join us during the summer runs but did some running on their own. We will use our home cross country course (2 miles). The start and finish area is located in the same field we meet during the summer.