CJHS & SMS Newsletters

CJHS - Week 7 Newsletter

Our Week 7 Newsletter - The half day will make the elementary race a bit more hectic. We need our 8th grade team to arrive by 3:15 for set up and to work the registration tables which starts at 4:30. Rides will be tough. Please make arrangements with each other. We will feed you some pizza.

Sneak Peak at week 8 (subject to change)

SMS - Week 6 Newsletter

The Week 6 Newsletter is now available.  Please note that the temperatures are starting to change, and students may want to start packing long sleeves and sweatpants for practice.

CJHS - Week 6 Newsletter

Our Week 6 Newsletter - Dress for the weather, dress in layers.

Sneak Peak at week 7 (subject to change)

SMS - Week 5 Newsletter

Our Week 5 Newsletter is now available.  We will be taking a bus to our meet on Friday.  Parents are responsible for getting students home.

CJHS - Week 5 Newsletter

Our Week 5 Newsletter - Plan to have a snack for the waterford race.

Sneak Peak at week 6 (subject to change)