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Elementary Race Day Instructions

Thank you for supporting Clarkston Cross Country!




  • If you pre-registered online, pick up your race bib number at the "Already Registered" line. Each school has it's own line
  • If you did not pre-register, go to the "Need to Register" line to fill out the registration form and pick up a race bib number

Now that you have your race bib number:

  • If you have multiple runners, make sure the name on the bib gets pinned to the correct runner!
  • Use 4 safety pins to pin each corner of the bib to the FRONT of your runner. If wearing a coat, pin to the OUTSIDE of the coat so it is visible for the finish line workers to see.
Two runners posing with race bib number visible on outside of coat



Limited restrooms are available at the tennis building located next to the tennis courts. Plan ahead, there may be a line.


Course Map

While you are waiting you can walk part of the race course. Link to map


Race Times

Unfortunately if you miss your race you are unable to join another. We want everyone to have a fair and fun experience. Please only participate in your race.

5:35   1/2 Mile   Only Boys grades Young 5/K through 2nd grade only

5:45   1/2 Mile   Only Girls grades Young 5/K through 2nd grade only

5:55   1 Mile     Only Boys grades 3rd through 5th grade only

6:10   1 Mile     Only Girls grades 3rd through 5th grade only


Other Helpful Tips

Listen for announcements to make sure you are at the start line for your assigned race. Look for one of the cross country coaches to have a megaphone out in front of the start line giving directions. If you are waiting for your next race, please stay back from the start line so the current race has space. A starting pistol is used to start the race. Give your young ones a heads up so they are not startled. The race is not won at the starting line. It is ok to not be at the front of the line. 

For the young ones, you are welcome to jog along with them. You will want to line up at the back of the crowd. The cross country team will be running along with the elementary students leading the way, offering encouragement and high fives.

All runners will be timed. As they cross the finish line, they are in a "chute". At the end of the chute, volunteers will be recording the bib numbers each runner is wearing. We then match up the bib numbers to the times when we post the results online.  The medals for the top 10 and ribbons for all participants are handed out in the chute. 

The school with the greatest percentage of students participating in the race will be awarded the traveling trophy. The winning school will be announced at the conclusion of all the races. We will also take a photo of the winning school.


Live Results

Unofficial live results are available during the races. As the runners finish, places will be updated. About 5 minutes after each race, the times will be updated.

Link to live results

Official results with errors corrected will be posted on our website within 24 hours after the meet finishes. Link:



We would appreciate any photos you take of the meet. You can send us your photos here:

You can view our photo gallery here:



Thank you for participating and your support of the Clarkston Cross Country teams! We would greatly appreciate any donations at the race to help support the Clarkston Cross Country teams.