2020 Fall Season

We will continue to update this post until our first day of practice. Once we start practicing, we will use the newsletters to keep in touch.

Update: 3 September
Thank you to those who could join us for the online parent info meeting. For those of you who missed it, here is the recording


Update: 2 September

  • Parent meeting tonight (Wednesday, sept 2) starting at 7pm. Parents who completed our online athtic contract have been emailed the zoom link. We will post a link to the recording here as soon as zoom makes it available to us. We have heard there have been delays in getting the recording.
  • Practices for both SMS and CJHS runners will be held at Clarkston High School during the temporary distance learning. Practice time will be 4:15 to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. 
  • First practice day is Wednesday Sept 9. Make sure to have your physical and family waiver with you and completed the online athletic contract and registered with community ed.
  • Runners will be completing a DAILY online form BEFORE attending practice. Runners will first go to the entrance of the football stadium (parking lot off of Walters road). Report to the ticket booth to have your temperature checked. You will then walk down to our practice location.
  • Masks are required as soon as you exit your vehicle and stay on until we begin our workout. Make sure to have your own water bottle with you. No lockerrooms to change. Come dressed ready to work out. Restrooms are available on a limited basis.
  • You can read information on what the high school athletes did for their summer workouts. It will be similar for us once we start. 


Update: 28 August

  • Rough draft schedule. We will have 5 dual meets on Tuesdays late afternoons evening. Sept 22, 29, Oct 6,13,20. 
  • Make sure to complete our online atheltic form by Tuesday September 1 in order to get the link to our online zoom parent meeting. The link will be emailed out Wednesday morning (Sept 2). Parent meeting Sept 2 from 7pm to 8pm.
  • First day of practice is Wednesday Sept 9

Update: 15 August

  • If you sign up for virtual, yes you can still participate in sports. You are responsible for getting transportation to and from practice every day.
  • Now that we know we are starting school remotely (not the same as virtual, see the district website for the difference), both SMS and CJHS will meet for practice at the same location. Location will either be at CJHS or CHS. Will update when we are told more info (will become a familiar phrase). You are responsbile for getting transportation to and from practice every day.
  • Tentative practice time will be 4:10 to 5:30. 
  • Once we go back to in person school, we will update our practice info. 
  • We are still delaying the date for you to pay the communinty education fee. We want to wait as long as possible so you have as much updated information as possible to help you make a decision to participate or not. Please be aware its going to be difficult to promise you to "get your money's worth". Example, we are working with a few schools around us to set up some 1 on 1 meets. If we propose a 5 meet schedule but then have to later cancel a proposed meet for whatever reason, we are unable to offer a refund because we have one less meet. We are doing our best to find a way for our runners to have a cross country experience safely and within the guidelines we are given and could change.


Long Version:

Sashabaw Middle School and Clarkston Junior High will be starting practice on Tuesday, September 8.  Have a sports physical completed BEFORE you start practice. See below for physical information.

No, we do not make you run 10 miles the first day of practice. We slowly build up so we are ready for the first meet. Our team is a very entertaining crew with some who like to race, some who want to get in shape, and some who are just out to talk with their friends and meet new people. Practices vary with endurance training, speed training, game activities, and strengthening exercises.

Check out the links above for more information about what is cross country, our schedule, and other useful tidbits.

Changes for fall 2020

  • Parent meeting will be online. Check back for info on how to attend.
  • Normally we would start practice the first week of school, we are delaying a week.
  • Before practice begins, runners will be getting their temperature checked
  • Masks are required. Masks may be removed during the actual workout but are on the rest of the time (stretches, changing into practice clothes, using restroom, getting dirctions from coach, etc.)
  • All the meets we normally attend are invtitational style (10,20,30+ teams). Almost all of those meets are/will be cancelling for fall 2020. Instead we are working on a schedule of dual meets (our team and one other team) with other middle schools around us.  The schedule is to be determined.
  • No bus transportation to meets. Parents will need to make a plan to drive your runner to and from meets. Example, let's say we are able to have a meet with Oakview middle school and it is at Oakview. Parents will need to make arrangements to get their runner to the meet and back home.
  • It is possible there may be spectator limitations at meets. This could vary by location. We will know more as further guidance comes out.
  • If school is virtual but the state is in stage 4 and allows sports, we may still have pratices. If that happens, we will share details. Example, it might be we all meet at CJHS track at 3pm for a practice. 

How to Sign Up 

The cost to join the cross country team is $150 for the season. We are a club sport sponsored by Clarkston Community Education. Unfortunately, this means the community ed fee does NOT apply towards the athletic pay to participate fee for all other school sports. Example, you also plan to play volleyball (which is an official school sport) in the winter. You would need to also pay the Clarkston Athletic pay to participate fee for volleyball when volleyball season starts.

The following needs to be completed to register for cross country:

  1. Complete the online athletic Contract.  Note: You do not need to pay the Clarkston Athletic pay-to-participate fee. You only pay the Clarkston Athletic pay-to-participate fee if/when you sign up for an official athletic department school sport. 
  2. Complete a physical and turn in a copy to your coach. You can download a copy of the physical form here.
  3. Pay and complete the Community Education registration and fee. This is done through Independence Township Parks and Recreation. You can register in person, by phone or online. Visit the township parks and rec website at itpr.org to register online. Search for community ed then cross country. <----Do NOT do this yet. We will let you know when this needs to be completed. 



Physicals for the 2020-2021 school year must be dated AFTER April 15, 2020 . Most likely that physical you did for the spring track season or other spring sport is not valid for this school year. 

Can't get an appointment at your doctor that fits your schedule? Pine Knob Urgent Care (Sashabaw Rd) offers sports physicals for $20 (last we checked).  Bring a copy of the physical form. Walk in at any time they are open.  Call 248-274-9910 for info. 


Stay Informed

There are mutliple ways to keep up with the team:

  1. Check our website to view the weekly newsletter detailing the events for the week. Usually updated Saturday/Sunday.
  2. Sign up for text messages using the remind service. We use this method to communicate late breaking news. Maybe a practice had to be canceled last minute or while at a meet we need to send out info, etc.
  3. Occasionally you may also see an email blast. We use this method to communicate information that did not make it into the newsletter or reminders about events or pleas for help. You do not need to sign up. We use the email address you entered when you completed the online athletic contract.